Our partners

The 2016 Delegation of the masters program in project management at ESG UQAM school of business would like to thank all of our partners whom without them couldn't successfully accomplish our mission. Thank you! 

Their support with the Borealis project

The Inovasi partners




  • Advance the profession of project management though programs in research and education

  • Inform the community on project management best practices

  • Promote the tangible application of results in the entrepreneurial domaine



AéESG is the student association of ESG UQAM school of business. Their mandate is to offer a number of services to the students to protect their rights and interests as well as supporting them in their endeavours. They have at heart the success of the school and ensures it's promotion to guaranty the value of the diploma. Its supporting role assists local and international student initiative like Borealis to realize its mission. 

We thank them for their confidence and engament towards our endeavours! 


ESG UQAM school of business is renowned for its excellence in teaching, research and presence on the international scene. Their leadership is well affirmed in Quebec management, offering a large range of programs and working hand in hand with over a hundred international universities.  The school also intervins in supporting the prosperity of Quebec and Canada.  

We thank ESG in supporting Borealis since the mere glimmer of the project. Their financial support to the project confirms yet again their precious support. 


AéMGP is the student association of the masters program in project management at ESG UQAM school of business. They represent students on various comities to insure the knowledge development in project management as well as organizing networking activities, participating in the integration of their members in the project management community to ultimately encourage and participating in the success of the program.  

The AéMGP's grant contribution to Borealis supports the mission objectives and realization. Thank you! 


LOJIC is the International office of Quebec youth. Their mandate is to encourage the personal and professional development of thousands young Quebec adults by supporting them in the realization of international projects.  

We are thankful for their grant and support for Borealis. Thank you for the encouragement!