• Mosaïca
    A professional mission in Project Management
  • Mosaïca mission
    Creating leverage in our respective communities by sharing knowledge between organizations of social innovation
  • Brazil
    Social Innovation leader

ESG UQAM School of management (ESG) and the Masters program in project management (MGP), both renowned for their research and education, welcome with great enthusiasm international student initiatives such as the Mosaïca project.

Directly aligned with the core vision and values of ESG and the MGP, the Mosaïca project aims to establish tangible networks and to deepen the topic of project management within the framework of social initiatives developed in Brazil

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  1. 1. In Brazil, 1 on 5 people lives in the favelas, which are a source of many social innovation projects.
  2. 2. Porto Alegre is the first city to have introduced participatory budgeting (1989)
  3. 3. The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro hosts the DFSIS laboratory (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability), a research group that focuses on social innovation projects
  4. 4. Among social innovation projects in Brazil, it is particularly worth mentioning the solidarity Micro-financing (e.g Banco Palmas), which allows entrepreneurs to start up their way with ease.
  5. 5. Brazil is recognized for the quality of its academic institutions
  6. 6. The University of Sao Paulo is deemed the best institution of higher education in Latin America
  7. 7. It was in Porto Alegre that was held the first World Social Forum (2001)